MobiGater Mini 2-in -1 GSM gateway for Skype or SIP

 mobigater mini

What is MobiGater Mini for Skype or SIP?

MobiGater Mini a device which transfers your Skype or VoIP calls to your mobile phone. It is connected to your PC by a USB cable and to your cell phone by a GSM network using a SIM card which is inside it.

MobiGater Mini 2-in-1 GSM gateway combines the best features of both communication tools - Skype/VoIP and mobile phones. You have free Skype/VoIP calls and GSM mobility and coverage. Whether you are in front of your PC or not, you will never miss out a Skype call. The MobiGater Mini redirects them to your mobile phone. You can talk to your worldwide based Skype contacts at the cost of a SIM to SIM local call. (The one in MobiGater 2-in-1 and the one in your cell phone).

All you need is:

• An extra SIM card for the MobiGater Mini device. We suggest both cards to be in a business, family or other mobile operators plan so you can talk at no limits.
• A PC with a permanent Internet connection
• Free Skype registration


MobiGater Mini LOW COST GSM Interfaces for Asterisk and FreeSWITCH

mobigater mini

What is MobiGater GSM Interface for Asterisk and FreeSWITCH (GSMopen)?

MobiGater GSM gateways are specially developed products as a low cost solution for connecting your Asterisk or FreeSWITCH installation to the GSM networks.

MobiGater GSM gateway is the first GSMopen certified hardware product. Thanks to GSMopen support, customers can easily install any MobiGater GSM Interface products and add GSM connectivity to their existing PBXs.

Each interface (mono or multi-line) is a self contained "black box". It includes all you need: the sound devices, the GSM devices and the antennas. It connects to your Asterisk and FreeSWITCH server through a single USB cable.

Please visit for software details and installation instructions and support.