What is MobiGater Server Edition?

MobiGater Server Edition is a device that aims to optimize your company’s communication needs to a maximum level. The use of MobiGater Server Edition guarantees always cheap and quality calls throughout the world from your mobile phone and all this at the price of a SkypeOut call. Your collaborators do not have to stay in front of their computer any more in order to use the full Skype functionality. It is already possible to make up to 8 simultaneous calls from GSM to Skype accounts, fixed or mobile phones in the presence of SkypeOut credit. MobiGater Server Edition is a compact unified solution for your company’s communication needs.

Functions available for the users through WEB interface:

  • System Entry
  • Forgotten password recovery
  • Personal phone number entry
  • Skype name and password entry
  • Contact list with online status visualization
  • Add contact
  • Change display name of already existing contact
  • Add and change a speed dial number
  • Check your SkypeOut credit left
  • Access user manuals, FAQ, support contacts
  • Call history
  • Chat history

Functions available from the user mobile phones

  • Log On/Off your Skype account
  • Change your Skype account status (DND, Away etc.)
  • Dial a contact from your Skype list
  • Dial a fixed and mobile phone using SkypeOut
  • Receive incoming Skype calls
  • Receive incoming SkypeIn calls
  • Use MobiGaterM on your Symbian S60 based mobile phone

Why using MobiGater Server Edition?

- MobiGater Server Edition is a Linux based solution with a practical user friendly interface. The hardware solution of the device is in the following variations: Tower, Rack mountable and Desktop.

- MobiGater Server Edition appears in the following models:

● 4 SIM cards - MobiGater Compact Server, which supports up to 16 Skype accounts and 4 simultaneous calls.
● 8 SIM cards - MobiGater Standard Server, which supports up to 32 Skype accounts and 8 simultaneous calls.
● 12 SIM cards - MobiGater Enterprise Server which supports up to 64 Skype accounts and 12 simultaneous calls.

- MobiGater Server Edition is ready to use and configured when you receive it. We give you an administrator account only accessible through the WEB with plenty of rights and functionalities.

- MobiGater Server Edition facilitates your work to a maximum level, giving you the option to import/export your contacts in order to use the convenience of a common shared list with your MobiGaterM.

Minimum Requirements:

- Constant Internet LAN connection with minimum speed of 1Mbps for MobiGater Compact Server, 1.5Mbps for MobiGater Standard Server and 2 Mbps MobiGater Enterprise Server

- Stable GSM connection with your mobile operator

- We recommend to take out the antennas in the presence of WiFI zones in order to avoid disturbances and interruptions