Software update

Mobigater Plus Skype certified Software

Only 32-bit Operation Systems (x86) are supported . 64-bit Windows Operating Systems (x64) are not supported.

Mobigater Skype Software

Suported OS are Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3; Windows 2003 Server SP1, SP2; Windows Vista SP1, SP2; Windows 7

Mobigater SIP Software

Supported OS are Windows XP SP1, SP2; Windows 2003 Server SP1, SP2. Non suppoted OS are Windows XP SP3; Windows Vista; Windows 7.

Asterisk and FreeSWITCH support

For Asterisk and FreeSWITCH, please address your questions to our partner - the developers of GSM channel driver for Asterisk and FreeSWITCH : GSMopen forum.

Additional information

Brochure (PDF)

Download the User Manual for MobiGater SIP (PDF)

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